Friendship is magic

k is based on memory disk level

s is memory disk stars

HeroFriendLevelMemory disk

Piece of Cake

Boosts Stuns
  • +9k Skill Power
  • +5s % Stun Length

Tough Cookie

"Iron Fist" Skill Hits Backline Enemies
  • +60k Skill Power
  • "Iron Fist" now targets furthest enemy.
  • +10s % Energy Gain
  • +6s Reality Negation

Chill Yax

Boosts Team Damage
  • "Natural Healing" gives whole team +40k basic damage, stacking with each use.
  • +5s % Conservation

Pulled A Fast One

Boosts damage vs. Slowed Enemies
  • +20k Basic Damage
  • 12s % more damage to slowed enemies.

Drool's Errand

Lowers Reality on Enemies
  • +60k Skill Power
  • Enemies damaged lose 19s % Reality for 20 seconds.

Musk Yax

Boosts "Chill Vibes" Skill
  • +10k Skill Power
  • "Chill Vibes" lasts 1.5s seconds longer.

Wrecking Ball

Shields Stun Enemies
  • +40k Skill Power
  • When Violet's shields expire they stun enemies for 0.4s seconds.

Bowling Night

Give Bonus to Tank Allies
  • TANK heroes on team gain 100k Armor.
  • TANK heroes on team gain 5s % All Damage Done.

Rapid Fire Fixin'

Boosts Healing
  • +150k Max HP
  • Gains 1.5s % Attack Speed for each 10% missing HP.

Wild Flamingo Chase

Boosts Charm
  • +20k Skill Power
  • This hero's charm lasts 6s % longer.
  • "Charming Fox" has 6s % shorter cooldown.

Golden Snow Cone

Freezes Foes
  • +30k Skill Power
  • Every 7 - s basic attacks, Felix freezes the closest enemy for 3.5 seconds.

Date Night

Shreds Enemy Armor
  • +20k Basic Damage
  • Basic attacks reduce armor by 5s %. Stacks up to 3 times.

Another Castle

Shields Allies
  • 450k HP shield to allies at start of each wave.
    Shield lasts for 10+5s seconds.

Stray Stereo

Drains Energy
  • +20k Skill Power
  • Removes 2s energy from an enemy when damaging them.

Babe with the Fire Power

Attacks Faster
  • Basic attack does fantastic damage.
  • +50k Basic Damage
  • +5s % Attack Speed

Final Hustle

Drains Energy
  • +40k Skill Power
  • Basic attacks remove 25s energy from enemy.

Homeward Bound

More Damage to Shielded Enemies
  • +20k Skill Power
  • +50s % more damage to shielded enemies.

Deputy Junior

Boosts "Deputize" Skill
  • +40k Skill Power
  • +100s % Basic damage from her Inspire buff per support hero on her team.

Street Art Shuffle

Shields Allies
  • +150k Max HP
  • +20k Skill Power
  • Shields first ally for 12s % of Nick's HP at start of each wave.

Power of Love

Grants Energy on Enemy Defeat
  • +80k Basic Damage
  • +12s % Energy Gain

Chief Inspector

Boosts Damage and "Criminal Charge" Skill
  • +5k Basic Damage
  • "Criminal Charge" hits multiple enemies, does 10s % more damage, and knocks them back farther with each star level.

Fight Clubbing

Boosts "Remote Controller" Skill
  • "Remote Controller" does 10k more damage.
  • +100s Starting Energy
  • +9s % Conservation

Bogo Buddies

"Rock A Bye" Skill Adds AOE Damage and Stun
  • +15k Skill Power
  • "Rock A Bye" now hits multiple enemies and stuns them for 0.1s second(s).

Training Montage

Gets Stronger
  • +150k Max HP
  • Take 1s % less damage for each ally below 50% HP.

Carrot Caper

Boosts "Play Dead" Skill
  • +300k Max HP
  • +60k Basic Damage
  • "Play Dead" heals an extra 500k HP.
  • +5s % Attack Speed
  • +1s second(s) of Invincibility after "Play Dead".

Vigilante Justice

"Serve and Protect" Skill Heals Bogo
  • +20k Skill Power
  • +500k Shield HP
  • "Serve and Protect" shield also heals for 19s % of damage taken.
  • +10s % Shield Length

Batteries Included

More Energy
  • +20k Skill Power
  • +100s Energy when a Bullseyed enemy is KOd


Allies More Effective Against Shields
  • +5s % Attack Speed
  • Rex's allies do 75k extra damage to shielded enemies.

#1 Fan

Stronger Against Tanks
  • +50s % more damage to TANK enemies.
  • +20k Basic Damage

World's Greatest Minion

More Lasers
  • +40k Basic Damage
  • +100k Max HP
  • Gains 30s % attack speed each time he uses his "Power Up" Skill. Max 3 times.

Hero's Duty

Heals on Stun
  • Heal 40k HP every time an enemy is stunned.
  • +5s % Improved Healing

Wreck and Repair

Counters Stuns With Healing
  • Heals 25k HP when Sulley avoids a stun.
    20s % chance to avoid stuns.

One Wilde Night

"Pirate Code" Increases Team Basic Attack
  • "Pirate Code" also grants allies 81.25k Basic Damage.
  • +3s Armor Negation to allies
  • +1s % Attack Speed to allies

Falling With Style

Start Combat With Energy
  • +40k Basic Damage
  • +200s Starting Energy

My Favorite Deputy

Uses "Lasso" at the Beginning of Combat
  • +20k Skill Power
  • "Lasso" will be used first.
  • "Lasso" also stuns for for 0.75s seconds

Boot Scoot

Chance to Dodge
  • +250k Max HP
  • Jessie has a 5s % chance to dodge enemy attacks.

Top Scarer

Energy From Stunned Enemies
  • Gain 30s energy when damaging a stunned enemy.
  • +20k Skill Power
  • +30s % Stun Length

Ship Shape

Takes Less Damage for Each Damage Ally
  • +500k Max HP per ally whose role is "DPS"
  • +1.5s % Damage Reduction per ally whose role is "DPS"

Gift from the Heart

EVE Spreads Disables
  • +50k Skill Power
  • "Ion Shock" stuns for an extra 1s seconds.
  • "Hand Cannon" spreads disables from main target to splash targets.

Peel of Laughter

Basic Attack Does Fantastic Damage
  • Basic attack does fantastic damage.
  • +20k Basic Damage
  • +5s % Attack Speed

Play Together

"Healing Laughter" Heals Allies
  • "Healing Laughter" also heals allies for 20s % of amount Sulley heals.
  • +80k Skill Power

It Takes Two

"Shield Directive" Heals and Targets Two Allies
  • +20s % Shield HP
  • "Shield Directive" shields also heal 60k every second.
    Shield Directive now shields a 2nd ally for 20s % of the first shield

Cool as Ice

"Stay Frosty" Heals Allies
  • "Stay Frosty" now also freezes allies below 50% HP, healing them for 650k HP over 2 second(s).
  • +4s Reality Negation

Rusty Sidekick

Longer Disables
  • +20k Skill Power
  • +2.5s % Disable Length to allies

Elephant in the Room

Silences Damage Enemies
  • +10s % SILENCE_LENGTH_SCALAR to allies
  • Any silenced enemy takes 30k fantastic damage per second

Pirated Music

Increases Max HP, "Avast!" Heals
  • Heals for 9s % of damage done by "Avast!".
  • "Acting Dodgy" has 9s % shorter cooldown.
  • +140k Max HP

Well Read

Heal on Crit
  • +2s Normal Crit
  • +2s Fantastic Crit
  • Heals 135k HP every time this hero Crits.

Mystic Mixture

Charm Damages
  • This hero's charm lasts 10s % longer.
  • "Mystic Charm" deals 20k fantastic damage per second to enemies near charmed enemy.

Legacy Hardware

More Team Energy Storage
  • +20k Skill Power
  • +200s Max Energy to allies

Hold Court

Study at Combat Start
  • +5k Basic Damage
  • Studies enemies at the start of combat for 1s seconds

Sweet Glitch

Better Shields
  • +40k Skill Power
  • +40s % Shield HP
  • "Data Shield" grants a 20% chance to avoid disables

Surge Protector

Start of Combat Shield
  • Quorra gains a shield equal to 40s % of the damage done by Light Cycle for 20 seconds.
  • +40k Skill Power

Junior Super

Ice Arrows
  • +40k Skill Power
  • Every 3rd arrow Freezes enemies for 1 + .6s seconds.

Ultimate Princess

"Minty Fresh" More Damage; Shorter Cooldown
  • +20k Skill Power
  • "Minty Fresh" does 5s % more damage for each 10% HP target is missing.
  • "Minty Fresh" has 10s % shorter cooldown.

Bullheaded Redhead

Fire Arrows
  • +5s Normal Crit
  • Every 3rd arrow burns enemies for 400k damage over 3 seconds.

Investigative Journalism

Increased Shield Length and HP
  • +40k Skill Power
  • +12s % Shield HP to allies
  • +12s % Shield Length to allies


More Chain Shot
  • +100k Skill Power
  • Now every 2nd and 3rd shot is a chain shot ; "Chain Shot" slow lasts 100s % longer

Master Navigator

More HP For Every Tank
  • +125k Max HP per ally whose role is "Tank"
  • +0.0125s[%.2] Max HP to allies

Anchor's Away!

Stronger Slow
  • "Slobber" slows 14s % more.
  • +40k Basic Damage

When You Wish

Health Regeneration Once Per Fight
  • Aladdin regenerates 100k HP per second when he reaches regenHPTrigger of his max HP for 5 seconds
    Aladdin becomes invincible for 1s seconds when he reaches regenHPTrigger of his max HP. ; This effect can only occur once per battle.

Tools of Conquest

Share Energy With Ally
  • +12k Skill Power to allies
  • 5s % of Energy Gain is also given to an ally.

Old School Diagnostic

"Power Cleanse" Heals Allies
  • "Power Cleanse" Heals 125k HP over 6 seconds
  • +50s Starting Energy

World's Stage

Bite Steals Energy
  • +200k Skill Power
  • "Shark Bite" steals 20s % of the target's energy.